Phase II - Interior Design and Construction


Spiral Staircase entrance is being cut - New owner wanted to create a spiral staircase around the column and enter from the aircraft belly. Another view cutting the entrance Each panel comes from a wide body aircraft to compensate for the removal of the overhead compartments...This creates more headroom throughout the Airplane Home.
Creating rooms - Each room is constructed then removed.  Once all the panels are in place the rooms are rebuilt and then finished. Creating Rooms  
Panels are fitted into place before being painted and stored.  Each panel needs to be custom cut and fitted to keep the feel of an aircraft interior. Another look at fitting the panels - This is one of the more time consuming projects required to prepare the airplane home. Panels are being baked after painting
Panels are being painted More panels - there are a lot of panels in this aircraft. Restroom being fitted - owner chose to use actual aircraft bathroom at this end of the home
Another view of the bathroom Tail section being readied for shipment  Wing is ready for shipment
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